Surfing and the Refusal of Work

I feel super honored to be giving a talk at the UC Santa Cruz Center for Cultural Studies on April 19. Next stop after that is The Stoke Sessions, our conference on surf and skate studies at San Diego State from April 20-23. I fucking love California and I can’t wait for all of it!!!

The Singularity of Stanley Aronowitz

The Institute for the Radical Imagination put on a daylong conference on the work of Stanley Aronowitz at the Graduate Center on March 3. I spoke on the Labor and Power panel: but all the panels and talks are all up under the conference title. Cornel West’s brilliant and loving opening tribute to Stanley brought the house down, but I think that all the talks together formed an inspired, complex symphony that would have made our teacher proud.

Surf and Skate Collaborative at SDSU

I am so stoked and honored to be part of this rad new collaborative at SDSU… our conference in April is blowing up and is going to be truly epic. Our new book, Roll and Flow: the Cultural Politics of Surfing and Skateboarding, co-edited with Mike Roberts and David Cline, will be launched in conjunction with the conference. Stay tuned for updates and check out the call for papers if you study surf, skate, and social theory!

The Attention Labs

This spring, the Friends of Attention put on our first pair of Attention Labs and they were fantastic. We were lucky enough to have the brilliant Lane Stroud (who led the first one) make a series of shorts about them. If there is to be any hope at all, we have got to take back our attention from the algorithmic fracking it’s currently subject to. In this, working with young people is, as always, an inspiration. Check out the films here:

Tribute to Stanley Aronowitz

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies has posted videos of all the panels from the Stanley Aronowitz tribute conference they organized with the Graduate Center’s Sociology department. My panel is #3 on education and culture, and it was terrific (especially Michael, Andrew, Michelle, and Lynn). But the absolute highlight of the day was Cornel West’s opening speech, a loving, masterful, and deeply moving tribute to his good friend, Stanley.

And here is a link to my panel, on culture and education:

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