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Presentations on video and audio

Culture and Education panel from CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies conference “Carry it on: the Radical Imagination, Past and Present,” a tribute to the life and work of Stanley Aronowitz:

“Revolution in the Virocene: Near (or Nearing) the End of Time,” with the Situations collective at the Marxist Education Project:

“Back to the 30s?” book discussion, CUNY Center for Place, Culture, and Politics:

“What is Left?” forum on the current uprising, Democracy@Work youtube channel:

On Public Goods, CMSV Feb 2020

CMSV Faculty Panel on Trump (my talk starts around 15 minutes, also Q and A afterwards):

Shanty Irish: my talk at NUI Galway conference “Ireland and the Wobbly World” (I am the first speaker on Panel 2)

Economic Update interview (my part starts at 28:30)

The Radical Imagination

Slackers, Sabotage, and Syndicalism

Slackerpolitics on Althusser

Slackerpolitics in Ikaria, Greece

Mataroa Summer Seminar Video

Slackerpolitics of Gezi Park

And my proudest moment. Running behind Rocky — I am the first kid at 4:55.

Slackerpolitics of Education audio file (my part begins around 19 minutes)

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