Presentations on video and audio

Prosperity Marxism podcast episode: “Whither Sexual Liberation?”

Culture and Education panel from CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies conference “Carry it on: the Radical Imagination, Past and Present,” a tribute to the life and work of Stanley Aronowitz: 

“Revolution in the Virocene: Near (or Nearing) the End of Time,” with the Situations collective at the Marxist Education Project:

“Back to the 30s?” book discussion, CUNY Center for Place, Culture, and Politics:

“What is Left?” forum on the current uprising, Democracy@Work youtube channel:

On Public Goods, CMSV Feb 2020

CMSV Faculty Panel on Trump (my talk starts around 15 minutes, also Q and A afterwards):

Shanty Irish: my talk at NUI Galway conference “Ireland and the Wobbly World” (I am the first speaker on Panel 2)

Economic Update interview (my part starts at 28:30)

The Radical Imagination

Slackers, Sabotage, and Syndicalism

Slackerpolitics on Althusser

Slackerpolitics in Ikaria, Greece

Mataroa Summer Seminar Video

Slackerpolitics of Gezi Park

Slackerpolitics of Education audio file (my part begins around 19 minutes)

And my proudest moment. Running behind Rocky — I am the first kid at 4:55.

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